Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Leap That Will Bring the Future of Computing

The Leap Motion
Talk about innovation. This nice little sleek device called The Leap, is AMAZING! Allow me to intrigue you and explain what this device is capable of. 

When you set this device up with your computer it will basically tell your computer that it has a touch screen. Sound cool so far? The Leap will sit under your Computer Monitor and you will have the ability to interact with your computer and apps as if it was a touch screen, except you never touch the screen...

What The Leap does is track the movement and location of your hands and fingers, in front of the screen. How this exactly works, I do not know? But still awesome nonetheless. 

The Leap is not yet out for consumer purchase but you can Pre-Order on Their Website. The Leap will hit the shelves at Best Buy and will also be available online this Coming May for $80. 

Here is a little sample of The Leap in action!

Friday, November 30, 2012

iTunes 11, The Wait is Over.

(Credit: Apple)

The long awaited (and delayed) iTunes 11 is here. Throughout the years of iTunes Apple has added new services and features but the interface of the iTunes media player has not changed much. iTunes on the Mac has performed well but windows on the other hand the iTunes experience was terrible. And owning an iPhone I did appreciate iTunes being able to handle not only the media on my computer but also on my iPhone. But the fact still remained that the overall experience was slow and choppy.

Then lo and behold Apple in September along with the unveiling of the iPhone 5, iTunes 11 was announced. From what Apple explained the new iTunes was going to have a completely new interface and yet it was going to be familiar. The smoothness and performance was going to improve dramatically resulting in overall user satisfaction. I was doubtful because I am a PC user and I was hoping that the experience was going to improve on not just the Mac but Windows as well. With previous versions of iTunes Apple had a tendency of splitting the user experience of the application. On OS X it worked one way but on Windows it’s a whole other story. They looked the same, almost. And they worked the same, almost.

For those of you who doubted Apples promises and success of iTunes 11 due to resent failures, I can tell you from personal experience that iTunes 11 for Windows has finally got those much needed improvements.

In fact that new mini player, I am using it this very moment while I am writing this post and I still maintain control of my music collection with just the mini player. Speed I have also noticed improved dramatically. The new interface is nice and sleek and when you first install iTunes 11, the menu bar on the windows version is not even there. If you do wish to use the menu bar just go to the very upper left corner of the window and there is a little drop menu there. Or you could simply press CTRL-B.

I know iTunes 11 was only released yesterday but I have to say so far I am impressed with everything. Maybe the month-long delay was worth it. I think it would have been a good idea for Apple to delay their new Maps to Maybe IOS 6.1, to work out all the bugs and GET IT RIGHT!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Is Windows 8 Rght for You?

Microsoft is stepping it up when it comes to multi finger gestures.

If you have a Wndows laptop, if its XP, Vista or 7. If you have tried to do two finger scrolling then you have probably discovered that multitouch gestures on a Windows trackpad sucks limon. In Windows 8, gestures have not only improved but they have added a few of new ones.

I have not yet upgraded to Windows 8 but plan to by the end of the year as I learn more about it. My idea is to adjust to Windows 8 before I get it, so I won't have to worry about the learning curve. And also to learn of the new Interface improvements of navigating though the operating system.

Learning these I find helps adjust to the new Metro Start Menu, multitasking, and others new features in Windows 8.

You can use the picture above as a guide but I will explain a few enhancements. If you are in your desktop or elsewhere on the computer swipe up on the trackpad with four fingers. On the left edge of the trackpad swipe to the right and that will bring you to the last place you were on you computer. If you continue to do this it will flip through all of your previous places.

There is more edge swiping which takes place on the top and the right of the trackpad. These will bring up small menus in the edge called Charms Bar.

I find theses to be nice improvements to the OS. Although the trackpad scrolling has become very smooth compared to previous Windows OS, it could still use some improvement.

By the way if you are running a older version of Windows on your laptop, there is a program that improves the responsiveness and smoothness of the trackpad. The name of the program is called Two Finger Scroll.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Microsoft's Leaping Forward --Finally!

(Credit: Microsoft latest Operating System.)

Microsoft unleashed their new desktop/tablet/laptop Operating System, Windows 8. Windows 7 was their best desktop OS. Windows 7 was a much needed upgrade since they released Vista but that was 3 years ago. Now Microsoft has really bumped up the innovation with their four day old Operating System. Well it's not actually four days old, it's been in beta for some time now.

Windows 8 and Windows RT was officially released to the public on Friday. I know awhile back I did post an article when Windows 8 was in beta about how I thought the new metro interface of windows was horrible. Not the new design was bad but how Microsoft was designing this to work on both a tablet and computer. Since the release of windows 8 I have corrected my view.

So far it seems that the Windiws 8 was designed essentially for touch screen which was the reason I didn't like it in the first place. But I am hearing reports that Microsoft has improved the multi-touch capabilities on the laptop trackpads. Multi fingered gestures are MUCH smoother. And there are also gestures that support the new features in Windows and RT.

I have not yet upgraded to Microsofts latest but I do have a windows 7 laptop with a fairly large trackpad and I do plan on upgrading. So I do think it is worth it to upgrade if you have a laptop but if you have a desktop I recommend not only having a mouse but also a trackpad for better navigation in the new Windows interface.

Now in a nutshell the new Windows 8 metro interface is the redesigned tiled Start menu. This is one if the main new features in Windows 8. Although if you are wanting to upgrade for other features such as the Windows 8 Store, you can get back the old Start menu with a little tweaking. Everything else on Windows 8 pretty much runs the same as in Windows 7. Weather or not you want to upgrade is up to you but I think Microsoft has some big plans for the future of computing with the Windows Operating System.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New iTunes coming October! -or not???

The release of iTunes 11 by Apple has been delayed. 

At the iPhone 5 event, Apple introduced iTunes 11 with not only new features but a new interface. Since that event Apple said that iTune 11 will be available by the end of October. Today Apple is saying that it will be delayed till the end of November. 

Since the death of Steve Jobs, Apple has slipped up a few times. It seems as though the world class company we all know is going through a drematic change. Many people lately have grown upset at Apple (myself included) but there are something's we need to take into carful consideration.

Apple can be viewed as a family. Steve jobs is the leader that runs the family. When the leader dies and somebody else takes his place, things will naturally be chaotic for awhile. It will also take some time for the new leader to adjust to the position and get the family running smoothly. 

So Apple probably just needs time to fix a few kinks and get their bearings together. Over time they should adjust to the demand of the consumer. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

What Happened to iTunes

(Credit: Apple)

Last week Apple had their event on the 23rd. Apple undoubtedly presented more than we have expected. Which in it self is unusual because when Steve Jobs was around it was almost a mystery what Apple had in store at their Keynotes. All the same I was utterly disappointed. If you don't understand my disappointment just hold on.

When apple had there WWDC 2012 they announced IOS 6, Mountain Lion and other great innovations. Then there was the September Keynote. That's when we iPhone users got IOS 6. At that same Keynote they introduced in new completely redesigned iTunes that was going to be released in October! I saw the demo and I couldn't wait for the huge update!

I already had IOS 6 I just needed iTunes to top it of and after all it was October, the month when they were going to release it. Well the Event happened and there was NO mention of the new iTunes? They didn't say one thing! Not even a release date.

Now I know there are still 2 days left in October but it still seems strange that Apple said nothing about the new iTunes last week? Maybe something is going wrong with the development of the new iTunes? What do you think?      

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Random Thought! Teleportation...

I for some reason think about technology a lot. Well I suddenly started thinking about teleportation and how it should be usered if the technology was ever developed.

Well first of all I heard that a form of teleportation has been developed. They have figured out how to get something inside some container to the outside of the container. Well that something is a single particle....

Meanwhile, back at the ranch. If teleportation was ever developed to where it was useable to society, I would never recommend the device to be used on humans. What I imagine is the technology will be used as a tool.

For example....
Lets say one morning you were late to work and you rushed out the door. In all the anxiety you forget your cell phone and realize it when you are halfway to work. Going back to pick up your phone is out of the question. But no worries, you just call your robot (which they do have but can't do this) and have your robot find your phone and teleport the phone to you. The teleporter is in your trunk so when you arrive at work your phone is in your trunk.